Bourse CDTRP UHN Research Innovation – Dre Natasha Aleksova

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Bourse CDTRP UHN Research Innovation

Dre Natasha Aleksova

  • Affiliation principale : University Health Network
  • Thème 4 – Un système immunitaire adapté à chaque patient
  • Titre : A living systematic review and rapid recommendations of the effect of COVID-19 vaccination strategies on outcomes in solid organ transplant recipients
Résumé (en anglais) 

If infected with COVID-19, transplant patients are more likely to need hospitalization or die. Such patients were not included in the original studies on vaccines for COVID-19. As a result, the benefits of vaccines in such patients are unclear. Recent studies suggest more doses of vaccines can help prevent death or admission to hospital.

To better inform health care providers and patients, our project proposes two steps. First, we will summarize all studies on vaccination of transplant patients. Second, we will use our summaries to develop guidelines for the use of COVID-19 vaccine.

To summarize the benefits and harms of different vaccine strategies, we will conduct a systematic review. We will work with patient partners to identify benefits and harms that matter most to them. The findings of the review will inform a panel of health care providers and patient partners. In turn, the panel will make recommendations for or against different vaccine strategies.

This work should advance the knowledge surrounding COVID-19 vaccination in solid organ transplant.