Living Donation Week 2022: What’s coming

The Living Donation Week (#LDW2022) is soon approaching and CDTRP is happy to highlight this important initiative to raise awareness on living donation research. Living Donation Week is a public awareness event launched by the Centre for Living Organ Donation in 2020 with support from the transplant community across Canada and beyond. It is held annually, starting the Sunday after Labour Day.

This year, the events will take place in the week of September 11.

To celebrate this event, CDTRP is preparing different kinds of features and events for our community:

  • CDTRP Special Webinar with the Transplant Ambassador Program
  • CDTRP Special Interview with living donors
  • Living Donation Research Highlights

CDTRP Special Webinar

On September 13, CDTRP is pleased to welcome Susan Q. McKenzie from the Transplant Ambassador Program. Susan will introduce the community to the Patients Seeking Donors Project, a new initiative that aims to match living kidney donors with Canadians in need of life-saving transplantation.

  • Tuesday, September 13, 2022
  • 3-4 pm EDT
About Susan Q. McKenzie

Susan is an experienced communications and fundraising professional who has worked to advance a number of charities across Canada. In 2010, after a year on dialysis, she received a new kidney from her husband’s sister. The fear and isolation of that experience planted the first seeds in her mind that much more needed to be done to help others with kidney disease. Two of Susan’s three daughters have also been diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation (MUC1) which ultimately leads to kidney failure.

When Susan’s middle daughter needed a kidney transplant in 2017, helping her daughter try to navigate the healthcare system in search of a living donor,  further underscored the critical role of patients and donors stepping up to help each other through this very difficult time. Not being a person to step away from a challenge, Susan began working with fellow patients, kidney donors, and researchers to establish the Transplant Ambassador Program (TAP), a volunteer driven, peer support program which has been helping kidney patients and donors navigate the transplant journey since 2017.

Today, TAP has over 150 Ambassadors, and has been launched in all 27 renal centres in Ontario. TAP recently launched additional innovative features to support patients and living donors, including a new Ambassador Directory, and a first-in-Canada service, Patients Seeking Donors, which allows patients to post a profile on a safe and secure website to help them in their search for a living donor.

Partner highlight: The Centre for Living Organ Donation at UHN

The Centre for Living Organ Donation was created by University Health Network (UHN) Transplant (now the Ajmera Transplant Centre) in 2018 to improve access to living organ donation for people who need a life-saving kidney or liver transplant and those who want to give a transformative gift of life. The Ajmera Transplant Centre is the largest organ transplant program in North America. They also partner with SickKids on the largest paediatric living donor transplant program in Canada.

The Centre for Living Organ Donation raises awareness, provides support, promotes research and offers hope to thousands of people who are waiting for a kidney or liver transplant – and everyone who wants to be part of their future.

For more information, visit their website here.

#LDW2022 features
  • Landmarks lit up green and local partner events in communities from coast to coast;
  • A virtual Celebration Livestream featuring living donation stories, interviews, entertainment, living donor medal selfies and more;
  • A gratitude wall to share messages of thanks to your living donor, recipient and everyone who supported your journey. Post your message early and it may be read out during the Celebration Event on September 12;
  • A hands-on online workshop on how to share your story and begin the search for a living donor for people with end-stage kidney or liver disease and their caregivers and friends;
  • The launch of a national public awareness campaign on living organ donation;
  • Partner launches and events address.