CBS Consensus Guidance on COVID-19

The Canadian Blood Services' Professional Education website will be updating donation and transplantation services nationwide. Click here for the most recent Consensus Guidance for Organ Donation and transplant Services during COVID-19 Pandemic, COVID-19 impact on Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) and Highly Sensitized Patient Programs (HSP) and Consensus guidance for tissue donation during COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

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IVADO Call for proposals in response to COVID-19

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM IVADO  In the current situation, we are committed to supporting data science and digital intelligence initiatives that can have a real short term impact on the pandemic we are now facing. We invite you to collaborate with us in order to provide solutions to the challenges presented by COVID-19, especially through [...]

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Recording Available: COVID-19 Town Hall for Transplant and Donation

A number of transplant organizations from around the world have partnered to develop this educational webinar for the organ donation and transplantation communities. The goal was to share experiences to date and respond to questions about the impact of COVID-19 on organ donation and transplantation. Enjoy the Town Hall by accessing the recording here. [...]

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POSTPONED – CDTRP Innovation Grant notification date

CDTRP INNOVATION GRANT COMPETITION Due to the current national climate, and the fact that most of our reviewers are swamped with clinical and urgent administrative responsibilities, we have to put a hold on the review calls. We are currently looking into the first week of June to have the evaluation calls, meaning that we [...]

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American Journal of Transplantation makes all publications on COVID-19 free access

In the interest of facilitating patient care and advancing science, and ensuring that accurate knowledge and experience is available to all during this current time of crisis, American Journal of Transplantation (AJT) has been expediting review of all papers dealing with COVID-19, as well as making them free to access for all. All articles [...]

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A Message from the Executive about COVID-19

As an effort to support CDTRP members and collaborators during the effects of COVID-19, the CDTRP is ready to offer tele/video-conferences and webinar platforms to keep collaborations open during this current climate of risks surrounding travel and face-to-face meeting. To request access to our conference and webinar platforms, please email info@cdtrp.ca We highly recommend [...]

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CBS 2018 Systems Progress Report

The Canadian Blood Services 2018 Systems Progress Report is now online. The results reflected in these reports represent the individual and collective work of the provincial and territorial partners, organ donation programs, and transplant programs as well as the national efforts led by Canadian Blood Services. To learn more about the the CBS 2018 [...]

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2020: A year for Canada to leap ahead in donation and transplantation research

2020 is a year of opportunity for our network. Many of you will remember our roots, as we together founded the Canadian National Transplantation Research Program in 2013. The goal was to bring together our country's diverse donation and transplantation research communities, an ongoing effort that we are just as passionate about today. Over [...]

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