Providing resources to meet diverse education, training and career development needs, the Education and Training Platform incorporates academic programs to give trainees a broad overview of knowledge and issues related to the practice of donation and transplantation while providing them with tools on how to be better communicators, managers, scholars and professionals via webinars, mentoring programs and in-person meetings.

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Lee Anne Tibbles
Lee Anne TibblesPlatform Lead
Kristina Krmpotic
Kristina KrmpoticPlatform Co-Lead
Francis Migneault
Francis MigneaultPlatform Co-Lead
Manuel Escoto
Manuel EscotoPlatform Manager

Benefits of being a CDTRP Trainee

  • Be a part of a world-first collaborative network of researchers nationwide

  • Enjoy the array of in-kind services and training the CDTRP has to offer its members

  • Establish a peer-to-peer network for your research

  • Unlock additional grant and funding opportunities for your projects, travel to conferences and professional training

  • Enjoy cost-effectiveness – it’s free!

Profiles of a CDTRP Trainee

  • Students and Fellows

  • Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

  • Allied Health Professionals (AHP)

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