Support from the CDTRP*

The CDTRP can provide up to $10,000 as a cash contribution to help cover the cost of an economic, legal, ethics, or social analysis to accompany your main study. This analysis is intended to enhance the scope of your primary study and provide further understanding on the social and economic impact of the research. This funding can be used to support your existing collaborations, or we can help you identify potential collaborators to work with you. The CDTRP will provide this $10K directly to your collaborator to complete this analysis.

Clinical studies can request use of the CDTRP’s independent Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) to help monitor progress and adverse events and provide arms-length advice on patient safety and trial accrual. The CDTRP can provide access to the DSMB as an in-kind resource to your study ($2000/year).

CDTRP can provide up to $1000 per application to support the integration of up to 2 patient, family or donor (PFD) partners on your research team (10 hours each, $50/hr). This PFD partner would be a fully integrated team member that would bring their lived experience and expertise to enhance the study. The CDTRP can also provide full travel support for the partner to attend the CDTRP Annual Meeting (avg $2000/PFD) upon request and where applicable (once during the duration of the project). The PFD partner would also be part of our Patient, Family and Donor Researcher Partnership Platform and have access to training and mentorship.

The CDTRP can connect investigators to the right experts for advice in designing and running clinical trials, including access to biostatisticians, resources to develop contracts, submissions to institutional research ethics boards and Health Canada regulatory approval.

Any CDTRP trainees for which support is sought must apply to and fully participate in the CDTRP Academic Training Program, which provides trainees with access to our national curriculum, training webinars, structured mentorship program, and up to $1000 each to reimburse travel to the CDTRP Annual Meeting.

We can facilitate gathering advisory from experts in Biomarkers, Immune Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence.

The involvement of CDTRP’s Central Management Team throughout the project’s life to offer logistics support, including the organization of teleconferences, webinars, and face-to-face meetings (when possible) and support for national collaboration building. The CDTRP can also help organize small research meetings and support the meeting space and technical support. This support also includes access to our communication platforms for team meetings, including webinars, zoom meetings, and our file-sharing system ($5000 in-kind/year).

We can assist with communication of your project through our monthly Theme calls and Annual Scientific Meeting. We can coordinate the development, translation (French/English), and dissemination of a FAST FACTS document to communicate with and educate both the public and experts in the field on your research topic. Project outputs can be shared via our diverse communication channels, including social media, and educational materials and resources for patients, families and donors can be shared through the CDTRP Patient Portal (approximate $5000 in-kind value).

Please send your support requests at least two weeks before the deadline.
Please submit one form for each grant application.
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* Some conditions may apply. Support amounts are subject to change.