The Indigenous Platform has a mandate to advance the study of organ donation and transplantation for Indigenous populations nationally and internationally.

The platform brings together diverse experiences and insights to improve the health of Indigenous peoples, identify pathways for improving access and care, and address disparities experienced by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) people, including rural and remote Northern Communities.

This Platform intersects with a range of subject areas and considerations that serve as entry points into more extensive discussions of health justice, equity and inclusion.

Dr. Caroline Tait
Dr. Caroline TaitPlatform Lead

Platform Priorities

  • Recruit, train, and mentor Indigenous and non-Indigenous trainees in Indigenous health justice, equity and inclusion.

  • Engage in knowledge mobilization activities to generate effective policies and strategies that improve the lives of Indigenous peoples.

  • Repository of resources and publications for FNMI communities and ODT stakeholders.

  • Integration of Indigenous persons with lived experience, including healthcare providers and community leaders, in research that considers the health and social implications of government policies.

Join the International ODT Consortium

  • We invite graduate students and scholars passionate about Indigenous health and wellness, health justice, equity and inclusion to join a community of practice focused on organ donation and transplantation research.

  • Trainees will receive multi-disciplinary training and mentorship, gain extensive and high-quality research training, work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous governments and community partners and collaborate directly with Indigenous persons with lived experience in Canada.

Email Manuel Escoto, the Platform Manager at

Knowledge Mobilization

Join virtual webinars aimed at familiarizing attendees with the systemic barriers experienced by Indigenous patients, families, caregivers, community leaders, and healthcare providers within organ and tissue donation and transplantation (OTDT) systems in Canada.

Our webinar series brings national and international experts, patient partners, and knowledge users together to engage in meaningful dialogue and learn from global evidence-based policy and practices.

International Indigenous ODT Consortium

The Consortium brings together experts in Canada, Australia and New Zealand who are Indigenous or work with Indigenous populations. As an international working group, the Consortium focuses challenges related equitable access to organ transplants, organ trafficking, digital health, donation and transplant hesitation, and healthcare pathways for living donation and transplantation for remote, rural and northern Indigenous communities.