Calling all transplant patients, care partners, and living donors in Canada!

There is no substitute for lived experience when it comes to improving the organ donation and transplantation system in Canada. Whether you have had a transplant yourself, you are on the waiting list, or you are supporting someone on their transplant journey, the Patient/Advocacy Advisory Committee (PAAC) of the Organ Donation and Transplant Collaborative (ODTC) wants to hear from you! Share your experiences as a kidney, liver, heart, lung, or other organ transplant patient, or as a caregiver for someone on a transplant journey, by filling out our online survey. It should only take about 15 minutes, and your feedback will help us develop recommendations for improving the transplant journey for everyone.

No matter where you are in your transplant journey, there are two ways to participate:

  • Join the focus group: PAAC will be hosting discussions with patients and caregivers to further explore the successes and gaps in the system. Spots are limited. If you are interested, email

The goal is to improve the transplant experience for everyone.