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201412-JanAmit GargLiving Kidney Donation
201424-NovZhu-Xu ZhangIs Necropsis the Missing Link to Graft Rejection?
201403-NovMegan LevingsTransplant Tolerance
201406-OctTim CaulfieldConsent, Incentives and Transplantation in Canada: What Does the Law Say?
201418-AugDenis Claude RoyCell Therapy Research: Exciting Opportunities across Canada - Depletion of Alloreactive T Cells
201422-SepJames ShapiroIndications and Outcomes of Clinical Islet Transplantation and Future Plans for Stem Cell Transplantation in Type 1 Diabetes
201527-MayKristjan Paulson/Kirk Schultz/Peter SubrtShowcasing our new CNTRP Patient Database and Virtual Biorepository
201514-DecSonny DhananiExperiences as a Donation Support Physician: Dead or Not Dead?
201507-DecLori WestClinical Change on the Wings of Science - The Saga of the First ABO Incompatible Heart Transplant
201515-JunSunita MathurExercise Rehabilitation Therapy Research in Solid Organ Transplant Patients
201512-JanLinda WrightOrgan, Tissues and Ethical Issues
201523-FebIan AlwaynSurgical Innovation in Kidney Donation and Transplantation
201526-JanEsmé DijkePecha Kucha Training
201530-MarSam ShemieEvolution of Deceased Donation Policy in Canada
201630-MayAtul HumarInfectious Disease Research and a New Clinical Trial
201613-JunSamantha AnthonyQuality of Life Research
201622-FebJelena HolovatiTissue Transplantation: Past Present and Future
201604-AprAndrew MasonMetagenomic Approaches to Virus Discovery in Transplant Recipients with Idiopathic Disease
201625-AprMaureen MeadeDeceased Donation, Solid Organ and Bone Marrow Transplantation - Exploring Research Synergies for the Future
201616-AugSabine IvisonThe CNTRP Standardized Immune Monitoring Initiative
201623-MarMarie-Chantal FortinPatient Engagement Research in Transplantation
201625-JanScott KlarenbachEconomic Research in the field of Donation and Transplantation
201610-NovLori West/Todd LowaryABO Antigens - The Intersection Between Transplantation and Glycomics
201709-JanMatthew WeissFrom knowledge to recommendations: creating evidence based clinical practice guidelines in deceased donation
201730-JanMarkus SelznerNormothermic Ex Vivo Liver Perfusion
201727-FebBeth FosterMedication Adherence in Transplant Recipients
201713-MarJean-Sebastien DelisleA tough time to fight; the struggle of T-cell immunity following transplantation
201727-MarMaeghan ToewsDeceased Donation in Canada: Time to Move to Opt-Out Consent?
201730-MarRobert CarrollWhat are the Clinical Impacts of AMR?
201718-AprAtul HumarOptimizing Use of Organs from Increased Infectious Risk Donors
201727-AprLuis HidalgoInnate Immune Effector Mechanisms in Antibody-Mediated Rejection
201708-MayMichael ChasséImproving Neurological Death Dx: The INDex Research Program
201729-MayHeloïse CardinalNovel Therapeutic Avenues in Acute Kidney Graft Rejection
201705-JunChristophe LichtComplement-Mediated TMA in the native and transplant kidney
201727-NovJonathan ChoyImmune Responses in Organ Transplant Rejection
201808-JanSonny DhananiDeath Prediction and Physiology after Removal of Therapy
201822-JanMarie-Chantal FortinHow Media Influences Donation and Transplantation: the Challenges of Public Solicitation
201826-MarMatthew WeissEthics of Donation after MAiD
201809-AprKylie LePicDonor Selection for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
201823-AprDeanna DavisMaximizing Career Options and Flexbiility for Graduate Students
201830-AprEsme Dijke / Anne HalpinIntroduction to HLA
201814-MaySylvain BedardInvolving Patient Partners in Research
201928-JanHarold AtkinsLessons learned from moving clinical trials from idea into practice
201911-FebEsmé Dijke and Lori WestMoving the discovery of the thymic treg from bench to clinical trial