The CDTRP was pleased to host its 2022 Level Up Research Webinars. These webinars are designed to inform the CDTRP community on various research topics for health care professionals, researchers, patients, families and donor partners.
We thank Astellas Pharma, Inc. and AstraZeneca for supporting these webinars.

See recordings of this year’s series below.

View the 2021 Webinar series here.


Co-creating Patient Engagement in Research Training Modules: Our Journey Together and Where we Travelled
Exploring the ethical considerations of direct contact in pediatric organ transplantation; A qualitative study
Quality Improvement Tools to Manage Deceased Organ Donation Processes: A Scoping Review
Why does frailty matter for patients waiting for a kidney transplant?
Leadership in Transplantation
Exploring the Relationship between Families of Deceased Organ Donors and Transplant Recipients 
Transplant Ambassador Program: Patients Seeking Donors Project
Capacity Building with the Ottawa Methods Centre
Explore Health Stories: A Guide to Sharing Your Experience Using Digital Storytelling
Explore Health Stories: The Value of Digital Storytelling to Amplify the Patient Voice