CDTRP 2024 Research Connect Series

The CDTRP Research Connect series is taking place every other Tuesday at 3 pm ET. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this engaging series!

This series streamlines the subset of Theme, Hub, and Working Group meetings that aimed to share and discuss the latest research findings across the network and our Webinar series, which featured national and international speakers. Theme, Hub, and Working Group meetings aimed at developing new initiatives, projects, or grants will be scheduled separately, approximately three times per year per group. Our goal is to make it easy for our members to know about and attend high quality presentations across all Themes and topics of interest. We are aiming for active discussions including researchers, trainees, and patient, family, and donor partners, engaging the whole community as if we were having a family dinner rather than listening to a formal presentation.

Dr. Iva Bruhova – From idea to impact: an introduction to intellectual property and commercialization

On March 5, 2024, we are pleased to have Dr. Iva Bruhova, Ontario-based business development, manager, innovation & commercialization to present on the topic: “From idea to impact: an introduction to intellectual property and commercialization” as part of the CDTRP ARDOT Working Group – Allied Research in Donation and Transplantation.

  • Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024
  • Time : 3 – 4 pm EST
  • Location: Online (Zoom)

About Dr. Iva Bruhova

Dr. Iva Bruhova is the Business Development Manager at Brock University. Her key role is to manage Brock’s intellectual property portfolio and to advance industry research partnerships at Brock. For the past 5 years, Iva has been an integral part of the Innovation & Commercialization team, where she has helped researchers secure partnerships grants, research contracts, and commercial licenses. Iva holds a PhD in computational biochemistry and postdoctoral fellowship in biophysics. Iva enjoys fostering research partnerships and inventions that make an impact in our community.