Announcing the results of the 2022 CDTRP Research Innovation Grant Competition – 8 new projects funded

The CDTRP is happy to share the results of the 2022 CDTRP Research Innovation Grant Competition and welcome 8 new projects into our national research structure.

This competition is made possible through the generous financial support, dedication and commitment from our national and regional partners, which include:

We would also like to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to the competition and peer review process, including Peer Review Committee Chair Dr. Ana Konvalinka, our scientific reviewers and our patient, family and donor reviewers for participating in the review process and for upholding an excellent level of professionalism and quality. Special thanks to Kristi Coldwell for all of her work to integrate patient, family and donor reviewers into this process this year.

The new projects that will receive funding and will be added to the CDTRP are:

CDTRP Research Innovation Grant
  • Marcelo Cypel – Read article
    • Title: Ex-vivo immuno-cloaking of donor lungs to prevent transplant rejection: a proof of concept study
  • Suze Berkhout – Read article
    • Title: Temporalities of Cure:  A qualitative study of psychosocial support needs and long-term survivorship in liver transplantation
CDTRP KFOC Research Innovation Grant
  • Sunita Singh – Read article
    • Title: The efficacy, mechanisms and safety of SGLT2i and GLP1RA combination therapy in kidney transplant recipients: The HALLMARK study
  • Shaifali Sandal – Read article
    • Title: Experiencing graft failure and exploring re-transplantation: a patient perspective
CDTRP UHN Research Innovation Grant
  • Natasha Aleksova – Read article
    • Title: A living systematic review and rapid recommendations of the effect of COVID-19 vaccination strategies on outcomes in solid organ transplant recipients
CDTRP Ontario Health (Trillium Gift of Life Network) Research Innovation Grant 
  • Istvan Mucsi – Read article
    • Title: Confirming the validity of the PROMIS physical function item bank in kidney transplant candidates and recipients
Transplant Research Foundation of BC/CDTRP Venture Grant 
  • Kathryn Armstrong – Read article
    • Title: Virtual reality and gameplay as a model for exercise rehabilitation in pediatric solid organ transplant patients. A patient and family led initiative
CDTRP UdeM Research Innovation Grant 
  • Marie-Pascale Pomey – Read article
    • Title: The TRANSPLANT-ACTION CONNECTED Graft program (TAC-Graft program)
Congratulations to all of the research teams! We will be featuring each of these projects in our newsletter over the next few months, and we look forward to hearing from the teams on upcoming Theme calls and other CDTRP events as the projects get underway.
We are already planning for the 2023 CDTRP Research Innovation Grant competition, so start sharpening your pencils and putting your best ideas and teams together for next year!
View past CDTRP Innovation Grants winners here.