Program Highlight: 2024 CDTRP Patient, Family, and Donor Research Program.

  1. Linda Hunter is the National Coordinator, Stream for Community Partners & Patients with the CANadian Consortium of Clinical Trial TRAINing platform (CANTRAIN). Linda is also a patient and has lived with chronic disease for years making her an excellent Patient Engagement Research Ambassador for CIHR.  She has co-developed online educational modules for patients and researchers about Patient Engagement in Research.
  2. Dr. Stuart Nicholls is the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Program Facilitator in the Office for Patient Engagement in Research Activities (OPERA) at the Ottawa Methods Centre. In his capacity as SPOR Program facilitator Stuart consults with researchers to provide methodological guidance regarding all aspects of Patient-Oriented Research. In addition, Dr. Nicholls provides training and education on patient engagement in research and actively contributes to research in this field.

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