Join us next week for the 4th edition of the CDTRP Patient, Family and Donor Research Forum!

The 4th edition of the CDTRP Patient, Family and Donor Research Forum is taking place NEXT WEEK on June 8-9! This two-day virtual event is a unique opportunity for researchers and patients alike to come together and discuss the latest developments in patient-centered transplant research. The Forum is divided into 4 blocks that focus on integrating patients, families, and donors into various stages of research, knowledge mobilization, and research priority setting.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are interested in patient-centered research to learn from experts in the field, and to gain a better understanding of how patients, families, and donors can be integrated into all stages of the research process. So mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this exciting event next week!

Planning Committee

The rich program has been developped by a diverse group of individuals, including patient partners, caregivers, investigators, trainees, and Organ Donation Organization representatives.

The 2023 Co-Chairs:
The 2023 Planning Committee:
We thank AstraZeneca for sponsoring this event.