Join the KEeP ACTIVe Club for kidney transplant recipients

Researchers at MUHC and CHUM (led by Drs. Tania Janaudis-Ferreira and Marie-Chantal Fortin) are starting a pilot project to help recipients become more physically active and to help combat the loneliness that can result after a transplant. You are eligible if you don’t have a medical reason not to exercise and can answer some written questionnaires in English or French. You must also have a Facebook account or be willing to set one up.

The club involves becoming part of a special Facebook group just for kidney transplant recipients. It’s a social club where you can chat with other kidney recipients. The researchers will provide some education about why knowing about heart and artery (cardiovascular) disease is important for kidney recipients and what can be done to make your risk of getting these diseases less. The Facebook page will be monitored by a kinesiologist (exercise specialist) and a patient partner who will guide the discussion if necessary and answer some of your questions about how to start an exercise program. It could be a home-based program, a walking or swimming club, or some encouragement to go to your local gym – you choose what you want to do. You can tell your friends in the group all about your experience and encourage each other to keep at it. If you are not ready to exercise, join us anyway and you can see how others are managing.

At a virtual meeting, you will be introduced to the club, the moderators, and the other participants. You will be asked to fill out some questionnaires. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we will help you set one up. At this meeting, we will also have an information session about cardiovascular (your heart and arteries) risk factors in kidney transplant recipients.

Participation in the Club will be for 6 months and you will be encouraged to post often about things that trouble you about being a transplant recipient and things that help you to become more physically active.

For more information about the club, please e-mail