CDTRP 2023 Research Innovation Grant Competition Results

CDTRP is thrilled to announce the results of the CDTRP 2023 Research Innovation Grant Competition, made possible through our partnership with various esteemed organizations. We are proud to showcase all of the exciting projects that have been funded in this year’s competition.

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Maureen Meade and her team for being awarded the CDTRP KFOC Research Innovation Grant . We wish them all the best as they embark on their innovative project!

CDTRP KFOC Research Innovation Grant : Dr. Maureen Meade

Guidelines for Sequential Participation of Transplant Recipients into Donor Intervention Trials and Subsequent Transplant Trials 

  • Main affiliation: McMaster University
  • Theme 2 – Inform Universal Practices for Donation
Lay abstract

Donor intervention trials have a demonstrated ability to improve the quantity, quality and longevity of organs for transplant recipients. Canada’s first clinical trial that administers a drug to a deceased donor and assesses downstream outcomes in transplant recipients (the CINERGY Pilot trial) has revealed a unique challenge related to the sequential enrolment of donors, organs, and recipients into successive trials. Researchers have expressed uncertainty about potential adverse consequences to this sequential research enrolment, including transplant recipient safety, decisional burden, scientific integrity, and the possibility of one study disrupting another. The CDTRP Innovation Award will provide our lead applicants the ability to collaborate with research bioethicists and donation and transplant researchers to address this complex challenge. We will conduct a bioethics analysis, systematic reviews, and a survey of donation/ transplant researchers to better understand the key ethical issues, and current views. This work will inform a formal guideline on sequential transplant research enrolment. Answering a call for such guidance from Canadian medical leads at a provincial organ donation organization, the resulting Canadian guideline will serve as an invaluable resource for future studies in donor management, ex vivo organs, and transplant care, to enhance patient safety and research productivity.