CDTRP 2023 Research Innovation Grant Competition Results

CDTRP is thrilled to announce the results of the CDTRP 2023 Research Innovation Grant Competition, made possible through our partnership with various esteemed organizations. We are proud to showcase all of the exciting projects that have been funded in this year’s competition.

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Mamatha Bhat and her team for being awarded the CDTRP UHN Research Innovation Grant. We wish them all the best as they embark on their innovative project!

CDTRP UHN Research Innovation Grant: Dr. Mamatha Bhat

Development of a Machine Learning Tool for Non-invasive Diagnosis of Liver Graft Pathology 

  • Main affiliation: University Health Network
  • Theme 5 – Restore Long-Term Health
Lay abstract

Background & Importance: Liver transplantation has been lifesaving for patients with end-stage liver disease. Yet, the new liver or graft can develop inflammation for different reasons. A liver biopsy is the current standard of method to identify the cause of inflammation. A liver biopsy is a surgical procedure and is associated with risks of infection. There is often a delay in performing a liver biopsy due to various reasons, such as availability. Procedural delays and repeated episodes of inflammation can lead to chronic inflammation. This results in permanent liver injury and jeopardizes the lifespan of this precious gift.

Proposed Innovative Solution: We have developed a Machine learning (ML) tool to predict the cause of liver graft inflammation. This tool is currently limited to NASH and rejection. We want to improve it by including biliary obstruction. We will determine how well it performs in identifying the cause of liver inflammation.

Expected Outcomes: This study will show the potential of a ML tool to diagnose the cause of liver inflammation. Care providers of patients will be able to use the predictions made to guide decisions. With a safer and faster tool to diagnose liver inflammation, we can extend the lifespan of both the liver graft and its recipient.