Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Lee Anne Tibbles: A Remarkable Transplant Nephrologist and Researcher

In memory of Dr. Lee Anne Tibbles, a pioneering transplant nephrologist and researcher, who sadly passed away on October 9, 2023, at the age of 62, we take this opportunity to pay tribute to her remarkable contributions to the medical field. Driven by a passion for improving transplant outcomes and advocating for advancements in donation and transplantation systems, Dr. Tibbles leaves behind an indelible mark on the transplant community.

Dr. Tibbles was a founding investigator of the CDTRP (Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program). She led the CDTRP Education and Training Platform from its inception, collaborating across solid organ transplant, stem cell transplant, and donation. Her work broke down silos and advanced research in these areas. With five years of training at the Ontario Cancer Institute in intracellular signaling, Dr. Tibbles excelled in basic science research. She led a basic science laboratory for 20 years, focusing on the biology of BK virus. Her research also covered medication adherence, kidney disease progression, graft function, and donation practices.

Dr. Tibbles was a strong advocate for improved donation and transplantation systems, policies, and science. Her work not only promoted better understanding within the medical community but also had a direct impact on patient care, leading to improved outcomes and increased transplant success rates. She will be remembered as a visionary in transplant nephrology and research. Her contributions, both as the former Medical Director of the Southern Alberta Transplant Program and as the past president of the Canadian Society of Transplantation, have left an enduring legacy.

We remember Dr. Lee Anne Tibbles as a brilliant transplant nephrologist and researcher who dedicated her life to advancing the field of transplantation. Her contributions, dedication, and advocacy will continue to inspire future generations of medical professionals. We honor her memory and express our deepest gratitude for the lasting imprint she has left on the lives of countless individuals.

Lee Anne’s family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in her honour to the Kidney Foundation of Canada through the following link.