CDTRP is hiring! Looking for a Research Services Manager

The Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP) is currently recruiting a full-time Research Services Manager to join our team.

The overarching role of the CDTRP Research Services Manager is to develop, manage, coordinate and report on research support activities undertaken by the Research Services Platform. The Research Services Manager would report to both the Executive Director and to the Academic Lead for Clinical Trials, reflecting the two closely-related half-time commitments for this role.

  • General Research Services Management (0.6 FTE)

    The CDTRP Research Services Manager is responsible for connecting investigators to the Research Services Platform, which provides access to various tools and guidance needed for their research projects. They also play a crucial role in refining the processes of receiving requests, developing scopes of work, budgets, and letters of support for grant applications, and ensuring high-quality project support for research teams, while coordinating with the management team to review the value of CDTRP supports and manage team capacity.

  • Advancing Clinical Trials (0.4 FTE)

    The CDTRP Research Services Manager will report to the Academic Lead for Clinical Trials and dedicate 0.4 FTE to enhancing the quantity and quality of CDTRP-supported randomized clinical trials in donation and transplantation. They will oversee a working group to create and implement a CDTRP Clinical Trials strategic plan, which involves incorporating RCT-specific procedures into current CDTRP activities, developing new supports for clinical trials, and addressing existing barriers to the success of national clinical trials in donation and transplantation.

Please submit your resumé and cover letter, including a short description of your experience in increasing equity, diversity and inclusion or supporting a diverse community, to:

The deadline for the application is October 10, 2023.