Would you be open to accepting trainees to participate and/or engage in your research activities?

On behalf of the LifTING and Sepsis Canada Research Training Program team, including program directors Dr. Patricia Fontela, Dr. Dominique Piquette, and Dr. Denise Jaworsky, we would like to extend a request to fill in this Google Form (linked here) for possible practicum opportunities. Our program funds trainees engage in a research-based practicum/experiential learning opportunity of their choice to help build their capacity as health researchers. This can take on many different forms such as: observerships, supervised participation, standalone research studies, research/community engagement opportunities, etc. . Additionally, if you would like to join our program as a mentor or contribute to our curriculum for the upcoming year, please reach out!

Call for Practicum Opportunities: Google Form link here

Contact the program manager, Amanda Choi at amanda.choi@sri.utoronto.ca for more information.