Updated Fast Facts with the help of the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics

On June 17-18, 2021, the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics at the University of Ottawa, in collaboration with the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP) held a virtual Conference on Key Policies Issues in Organ Donation & Transplantation. The focus was to key current and emerging policy challenges facing the Canadian organ donation and transplantation system.

Among the key donation-related policy challenges are issues related to shifts in the area of organ donation law (Nova Scotia’s shift to presumed consent) and in other areas of law (the adoption and potential expansion of medical assistance in dying).

On the transplantation side, equally important policy challenges exist. In recent years, media coverage and multiple legal challenges have put the 6-month alcohol abstinence rule for liver transplant listing into the limelight.

Cross-cutting issues affecting both donation and transplantation are also important – including the manner in which COVID-19 has affected the way in which OR and ICU resources are rationed (e.g. deprioritizing donation to create space for COVID-19 patients) and how potential transplant recipients are prioritized.

These and other issues were addressed at the CDTRP-sponsored Conference in 2021. Reference documents based on those key issues have now been published, and recordings of the presentations are available below.

Outcomes of this Conference resulted in the making of 7 Reference Documents and 4 Fast Facts.
Topics include:
  • Current Issues for Living Organ Donation

  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) and Organ Donation

  • Opt-Out Systems of Organ Donation

  • Transplant Listing and Allocation – Alcohol Abstinence

  • Big Data and Machine Learning in ODT

  • Non-Therapeutic Intensive Care for Organ Donation

  • Organ Donation and Transplantation and COVID-19

Download and share Fast Facts and Reference Documents available on the CDTRP website!