Theme 5 “Restore Long Term Health” Hubs

We are pleased to announce the launch of Theme 5 Hubs, targeted groups specifically focused on project support, collaborative grant development, and initiatives to build research capacity across Canada. The hubs will be meeting in May, and participation is open to the CDTRP community.

CDTRP Mental Health and Wellness Hub

The CDTRP Mental Health and Wellness Hub will focus on mental health and its associated conditions related to transplant and donation – an under-researched patient and caregiver priority. The hub will have two sessions in May. Each session will feature short presentations from CDTRP researchers who are doing great work in mental health and transplant, followed by discussions on how a CDTRP Mental Health Hub can advance work in this space. The sessions will be on Thursday, May 6, at 10 am ET, and Wednesday, May 19, at 2 pm ET.

CDTRP Exercise hub

The CDTRP Exercise Hub session will have a panel discussion on “Pivoting exercise training studies and functional assessments to remote/virtual settings.”  The panel members will include Manoela de Paula Ferreira, Jennifer Reed, and Dmitry Rozenberg, who will share their recent experiences. Sunita Mathur will lead the discussion. This session is on Tuesday, May 25, at 11:00, am ET.

We would love for you to join us in these sessions!
If you are available and interested, please write to be added to the session(s).