Theme 3 – May 19 Meeting Agenda: Drs. Aizhou Wang, Stephen Withers & Marcelo Cypel

Each of the five CDTRP Research Themes holds regular meetings to discuss new ideas, present the latest research results, and make new connections. CDTRP Theme meetings are open to all CDTRP members (including trainees and PFD partners). If you would like to attend or present at an upcoming Theme meeting please email Research Manager Katie Bain at

Theme 3 meeting
  • Thursday, May 19, 2022
  • 2 pm EDT
    1. Welcome and CDTRP Updates
    2. Presentation: Drs. Aizhou Wang, Stephen Withers and Marcelo Cypel, “Ex vivo enzymatic treatment converts blood type A donor lungs into universal blood type lungs” – Read article.
    3. Discussion
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