Study recruitment: Experience and Views of Physical Activity Pre and Post Transplant

Being physically active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Waiting for a transplant and then recovering from the surgery can mean changes to how physically active you are. While there is existing research on physical activity (PA) and other health-related outcomes in relation to PA and exercise, less is known about individuals’ experiences of participating in PA (and sport) following transplantation.

This project seeks to understand experiences of the role PA and sport has, or has not, played in your transplant journey as well as overall wellbeing following a solid organ transplant (e.g., kidney, liver, heart). The study will explore potential challenges, barriers, and facilitators to positive PA experience, social support, and the perceived impact this may have on psychological, social, and emotional wellbeing. By learning more about any barriers faced, and what encourages you, the team can begin to understand more about how and when to help transplant patients be as active as they can be.

Through online interviews via Microsoft Teams, research Dr. Kacey Neely and team from the University of Sterling are looking to speak to 15-20 transplant recipients living in Canada, who are over the age of 21, and at least 1-year post organ transplant.
Interested? Contact Dr. Neely at