Rohit Malyala’s bio

Rohit grew up in Ontario, and completed his undergraduate studies atMcMaster University in Health Sciences. There, he became interested with kidney transplant in particular, working with different nephrologists in Toronto and Hamilton to study the kidney from both a wet lab and dry lab perspective. When Rohit came to UBC for undergraduate medicine, he became exposed to the surgical side of kidney transplant—which was his first introduction to the staff urologists at UBC. Over the course of medical school, taking on different projects in endourology and transplant, he became convinced that a career in urology was right for him, subsequently matching to UBC’s highly competitive postgraduate residency training program in Urology in 2023. He is a self taught computer programmer, machine learning and biostatistics enthusiast, and outside of work, enjoys exploring beautiful BC by motorcycle, staying active in the gym, and trying out different cafes in Vancouver.