A number of transplant organizations from around the world have partnered to develop this educational webinar for the organ donation and transplantation communities. The goal was to share experiences to date and respond to questions about the impact of COVID-19 on organ donation and transplantation.

Enjoy the Town Hall #3 by accessing the recording here.

Time Stamps to Presentations:

Introduction by Dr. Emily Blumberg, President of AST

1:46 – COVID-19: Making Sense of the Tests – Moderated by Erika Demars, RN, BSN

  • 2:40 – Making Sense of COVID-19 Testing: Interpreting PCR testing results – Dr. Marwan Mikhael Azar
  • 10:00 – Making Sense of the Tests: Serology – Dr. Howard M. Gebel
  • 19:15 – Q&A

22:40 – COVID-19: Moving into the Future – Moderated by Dr. Luciano Potena

  • 24:06 – Returning to Transplant: The Tongji Experience with Resuming Transplant Activities after COVID-19 – Dr. Lan Zhu
  • 29:10 – Impact of COVID-19 on Donor and Transplant Numbers: OPTN update – Dr. David Klassen
  • 36:24 – Emerging from Quarantine: How do we know when we can scale up? European Experience: Spain – Baeatriz Dominguez-Gil
  • 42:36 – Phasing Up Transplant Activity in Ontario, Canada – Dr. Darin Treleaven
  • 52:03 – Surgical Prioritization in a Global Pandemic – Dr. Talia B. Baker
  • 57:10 – “Operation Task Force” is the post-surge COVID-19 response team activate to re-launch the transplant institute safely – Barry Friedman
  • 1:06:27 – Criteria to Remove Quarantine – Dr. Kathleen Murphy
  • 1:13:16 – What to do with COVID-19 survivors in need of transplantation? How do we know when they are ready? – Paolo Antonio Grossi

1:20:55 – COVID-19: What Have we Learned to Prepare for the Next Wave? – Moderated by Dr. Lewis Teperman

  • 1:21:09 – Donors with History of COVID-19 – Dr. Fernanda P. Silveira
  • 1:27:59 – Donor Testing: What will be the standard moving forward? – Dr. Melissa A. Greenwald

1:34:05 – Thank you words