The CDTRP had their eyes opened to the field of corneal donation on February 9 and 10, 2020 at the first National Consensus on Expert Guidance to Improve Access to Corneal Donation and Transplantation Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Guillermo Rocha and Christine Humphreys.

This meeting was developed as a partnership between The Canadian Ophthalmological Society and Canadian Blood Services in order to develop expert guidance and establish priorities to improve the system performance and access to corneal donation and transplantation in Canada. This two-day event had all the members of the corneal community coming together in an active and engaged environment to take the first steps towards building a plan for increased national communication and to inform future policy development within the field of corneal donation and transplant.

The CDTRP was honoured to participate at this event and to provide a voice for research within the corneal donation and transplantation community. We look forward to building future collaboration and to provide research infrastructure support within this field.

For more information about the COS-SCO, click here.