Living Donation Week 2020 – Spotlight Session: Dr. Mamatha Bhat

Do not miss Dr. Mamatha Bhat, Transplant Hepatologist at UHN, session on Sex-Based Disparities in Liver Transplantation & Living Organ Donation on September 17 at noon (ET).

About this event

In both the U.S. and Canada, women are more likely to die waiting for a liver transplant compared to men. The majority of deceased donor livers come from adult males, meaning most available deceased donor livers are allocated to men. Smaller livers, from petite women or children, are typical allocated to pediatric liver transplant candidates. These long standing sex-based disparities in liver allocation and living donor liver transplantation are the subjects of our September 17 webinar presented by Dr. Mamatha Bhat. Dr. Bhat is the winner of the 2019 Polanyi Prize for her work in this field and will present alongside a patient partner who will share their experience.


Mamatha Bhat, Transplant Hepatologist

Dr. Bhat is a transplant hepatologist and clinician-scientist within the Multi Organ Transplant Program and Division of Gastroenterology at UHN and University of Toronto. Although short-term survival post-liver transplant is seen, long-term survival has not and is frequently compromised by cancer and cardiometabolic disease including fatty liver in the graft. The pathogenesis of these conditions is poorly understood, and Dr. Bhat’s program is using a combination of Systems Biology and Machine learning tools to layers of data from patient samples, using in vitro and in vivo models for validation. She aims to understand the mechanistic basis of these complications in order to implement precisely designed preventive and therapeutic strategies in liver transplant recipients, helping them to achieve the full potential of their transplant.

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