Acute T cell-mediated rejection (Acute TCMR) in kidney transplants is a major impediment to allograft survival in kidney and simultaneous kidney pancreas (SPK) recipients. High-dose steroid therapy is the first-line treatment for acute TCMR in most transplant programs worldwide. However, the optimal steroid dosing, duration, and taper are unknown, and there is no robust and trial-based evidence to guide care. Some patients suffer significant side effects from steroids, making it important to minimize the dose where possible.

The multicenter randomized controlled trial to treat acute TCMR and kidney and SPK recipients (TACKLE-IT), is a 2 x 2 factorial non-inferiority RCT to define the optimal steroid dosing for acute TCMR in kidney allografts. This survey is a voluntary research study performed by the TACKLE-IT investigators to understand how physicians currently manage acute TCMR in kidney and SPK transplant patients. Your participation is important to the design of this trial to inform clinical care.  It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you so much, we are grateful for your time and participation,

Germaine Wong and Julie Ho on behalf of all the TACKLE-IT investigators.

Julie Ho, MD FRCPC (she | her)

Professor, Internal Medicine | University of Manitoba

Medical Director, Transplant Manitoba Adult Kidney Program | HSC Winnipeg, Shared Health

Transplant Wellness Center | Kleysen Institute for Advanced Medicine

Target audience: physicians caring for kidney or kidney-pancreas patients who are willing and able to complete the survey.

*The only exclusions are retired physicians.

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