Sepsis Canada & LifTING Health Research Training Programs

Both Sepsis Canada and Life-Threatening Illness National Group (LifTING) are CIHR-funded health research training programs. These programs aim to improve research on life-threatening illnesses by training multidisciplinary researchers, patient and family partners, and community members on research methods, professional skills, and attitudes pertaining to this area of research. Both programs are anchored on four core principles:

  1. breaking silos between different research domains and researchers by encouraging these various groups to train together and collaborate,
  2. providing a safe learning environment where trainees can speak and be heard,
  3. integrating EDI principles, including anti-oppressive practices and social justice, throughout the program; and
  4. ensuring rigour based on best educational practices, innovative strategies, and continuous improvement of the program.

Both programs are delivered online and are free. Pilot grant competitions are available for all trainees.

More information about the LifTING and Sepsis Canada Health Research Training Programs, including details about the application process, can be found using the website link here.

What are the Sepsis Canada & LifTING Rasearch Training Programs?