GETONTRAK Study: Seeking two kidney transplant recipients

The GETONTRAK project is seeking two kidney transplant recipients to review their web-based, patient-centred, self-management intervention that seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, increase daily physical activity, and improve the quality of life in kidney transplant recipients.

The benefit of self-management for kidney transplant recipients is that it is individualized and focuses on enhancing the ability of individuals to improve their health status, regardless of where the individual is on the journey after transplant.

By participating in this project, our PFD partners are committing to:

  1. Review prototype website for ease of reading, image choice and placement, navigation and usability;
  2. Complete a web-based usability questionnaire;
  3. Attend one-to-one informal Zoom session to discuss user experience (max 1 hour).

The two selected patient partners will be remunerated at a rate of $50 per hour for their three hour commitment.

If you are interested in learning more, contact our Patient, Family, and Donor Partnership Platform Manager, Manuel Escoto, at