ESOT Workshop Series: “50 Minutes to grow your career”

The European Society of Transplantation (ESOT) professional development workshop series “50 Minutes to grow your career” provides expert advice and practical tips to support the personal and professional development of transplant professionals at all career stages.

The two workshops are designed to help navigate the complex world of grants, research and publications, bringing clarity to the often chaotic and overwhelming process of building a successful career in transplantation. You can also learn from the experts as they share their tips and tricks for planning and advancing your career.

With over 50 minutes of dedicated time, you’ll discover the insights and strategies necessary to succeed in today’s highly competitive landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to accelerate your career and achieve your professional goals!

How to best plan your career: Tips and tricks from the experts

This workshop focuses on career planning in a multidisciplinary perspective. Invited panellists share what they learned in their personal career path that has helped them advance, the main challenges in their fields, the skills early career professionals need to succeed, as well as some broader insights into their fields.

Navigating the jungle of grants, research and publications – Where do I start?

This workshop focuses on topics related to conducting, funding, and publishing one’s research including: balancing research with clinical work, writing successful grant applications, dealing with rejections, identifying the right journals to submit one’s research papers to, responding to peer reviewers, and much more.