Are you interested in wellness AND want to support post-transplant research?

EMPOWER is a 12-week online wellness program for people 18+ living who have received an organ transplant.

Once you complete some surveys (takes about 30 minutes) you have a 2/3 chance of being randomly assigned to one of the groups that start the program right away (within a week) and a 1/3 chance of going into our control group which starts the program in 12 weeks. Each of the 12 weeks of the program contains two core components with science-based practices:

  • Energize
    • Weekly guided movement routines with breathwork and meditation integrated throughout
      • Five different types of movement: Low Intensity Chair exercise, Chair exercise, Standing Yoga, Advanced Yoga, or Tai Chi
  • Life Skills
    • A Weekly ‘Tip from your care team’ – a short video by clinical experts in organ transplantation, nutrition or psychology
    • Coping Skills Program – Weekly Psychology Tips
      • Core concepts include Pacing, Sleep, finding out your Values & Goal Setting!
Within the program, participants will also find fun activities, games, and ways to feel connected to the study team and others in the program, including polls, a leaderboard, a virtual assistant & more!
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