Dr. Shaifali Sandal study recruitment: Recipients and Donors of LDKT in BC, QC and ON

Dr. Shaifali Sandal and her team at McGill University in Montreal are conducting a study that aims to understand why rates of Living Donor Kidney Transplantation (LDKT) are different across Canadian provinces. They aim to understand this by studying the health systems that provide LDKT in BC, ON and QC. They hope that by understanding how these different systems work and comparing them, they can make suggestions to help increase LDKT in provinces with lower rates.


As part of this study, they are looking to interview people who have been recipients or donors of LDKT, in BC, QC and ON. Your participation would involve a 45-60-minute interview that will focus on your experience of LDKT, conducted via videocall. As compensation for your time, you will receive a $50 gift card!

If you are interested in joining the study, please contact Anna Horton at anna.horton@mail.mcgill.ca.