CIHR – Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) – Equitable Artificial Intelligence for Public Health

  • CIHR’s current strategic plan emphasizes a commitment to building Canada’s capacity to innovate in the area of health research; enable health researchers to conduct “high-quality data-intensive research”; and “maximize opportunities for big data to advance knowledge and inform decisions that improve health, social and economic outcomes”
  • Building research capacity to use artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to address population and public health challenges is one of the Institute of Population and Public Health’s (IPPH) strategic priorities. As part of this funding opportunity, IPPH will provide funding support for planning activities or partnership development activities that directly relate to the development of grant proposals for research projects exploring the use of AI approaches to answer public health questions and that could subsequently be funded by CIHR or other funders.
  • The focus of the application must be aligned with IPPH’s mandate and its strategic priority on Equitable AI. Applications focused on biomedical, clinical or health services research are not eligible for this funding opportunity.
  • IPPH is particularly interested in projects exploring the compounding influences of AI on public health at the intersections of various social determinants of health, such as sex and gender, race, ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples’ status, dis/ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, employment, and other determinants1. New technologies may have the potential to reflect or reproduce existing inequities, and populations experiencing intersections of multiple social determinants of health may face further health inequities as a result2. Research looking at how AI may be used as a tool to address public health at these intersections, as well as research on the impacts of AI on the health of populations experiencing intersections across the social determinants of health is therefore encouraged.
Funds Available
  • The maximum amount awarded for a single grant is $25,000.
  • A minimum of three (3) grants will be reserved for Early Career Investigators. Any remaining funds will be pooled together with the general pool and applications will be funded in rank order as far as budget will allow.
For more information, please visit the Research Net website.