CDTRP Research Services for the community

Since 2013, the CDTRP has supported research and innovation that addresses barriers within the fields of donation and transplantation, with the goal of advancing long-term health outcomes and quality of life for Canadian transplant patients. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will highlight the tools and resources that CDTRP can offer to assist you and your project for the upcoming spring grant competitions.

Management Resources & Small Meeting Support

Throughout a project’s life, the CDTRP Management Team can offer logistics support, including the organization of teleconferences, webinars, face-to-face meetings (when possible) and provide support for national collaboration building. We can help organize small research meetings with meeting space and technical support. We offer access to our communication platforms for team meetings, including webinars, zoom meetings, and our file-sharing system.

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Free up your time. Get on with the research

Ever felt like your time just seems to get gobbled up doing stuff that isn’t research? You know… writing proposals, organizing meetings, putting teams together…. There’s a cure for that. It’s called the CDTRP. That’s where Matt Weiss went for logistics help to get the LEADDR project off the ground.

LEADDR was launched in 2020 to evaluate the legislative and system changes to donation in Nova Scotia, the first jurisdiction in North America to legislate opt-out consent. The unique partner-based model of project development, oversight and direction called for an enormous array of expertise.

“LEADDR wouldn’t have existed without the CDTRP,” says Matt. “It was a huge job to identify the gaps in our expertise, fill them with nurses, researchers, physicians and patient/family/donor partners for the project, and organize virtual meetings.”

“The CDTRP is where you go for logistics like grant-writing, bringing people together, increasing validity of your concept, and ensuring that findings and research questions are relevant to patient partners. There’s nowhere else that you can find that in a single organization.”
– Dr. Matt Weiss

As well, CDTRP Former Research Manager Chelsea Patriquin co-authored a proposal for $1.1 million from Health Canada, doing much of the initial number-crunching in the budget and the nitty-gritties such as layout, formatting and—to quote Matt—“all those things that really suck time when you’re putting a grant together.”

The CDTRP’s contribution didn’t stall after the grant is won. Interim Executive Director Patricia Gongal sits on the project steering committee, helping to integrate family/patient/donor partners, bringing her translation expertise to bear so LEADDR produces reports that are useful to the scientific community and the public alike, and increasing the project’s profile with a view to dissemination activities.

“I feel very strongly that there’s no better place to go to tap into a network on donation/transplantation research expertise in Canada. If you’re looking to expand the scope of your work, tap into the CDTRP”.

To learn more on the Research Services the CDTRP can offer, visit our website.