CDTRP Mentorship Program

The CDTRP is re-launching its Mentorship Program for trainees/HQP enrolled in the CDTRP Training and Education Platform.

The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to:

  • Help trainees align with their clinical or academic career decision-making;
  • Offer practical tips for research projects or grant/publication writing;
  • Offer advice on work-life balance, stress and time management;
  • Navigating academia or workplace.

The Mentorship Program implies a time commitment of regular one-hour meetings with mentors/mentees (every 3 months or as needed).
All mentors will receive a letter from the CDTRP stating their invested time and participation in the CDTRP mentorship program on an annual basis.

Amina Regina Silva, PhD student in Nursing at Queen’s University had this to share about being a mentee:

“My CDTRP mentor has been instrumental in supporting the development of my research. She contributes with her expertise in organ donation processes and knowledge translation strategies to help to build a solid underpinning for my project, as well as she oversees my work and gives her input in each phase of my project to support the development and implementation of my research.”

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