The Canadian Blood Services’ Professional Education website will be updating donation and transplantation services nationwide.

Click here for the most recent Consensus Guidance for Organ Donation and transplant Services during COVID-19 Pandemic, COVID-19 impact on Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) and Highly Sensitized Patient Programs (HSP) and Consensus guidance for tissue donation during COVID-19 pandemic.


On March 12, a meeting of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Expert Advisory Committee (ODTEAC) brought together donation and transplantation leaders from across the country. The aim of the meeting was to develop consensus guidance that can be used by provincial organ donation organizations and regional transplant and donation programs to guide the administration of organ and tissue donation and transplantation services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is understood that each organization, program and jurisdiction will develop their own policies.

Because the situation is rapidly evolving, a teleconference will be held at least once a week to discuss and update the consensus guidance. Consensus guidance for organ donation and transplantation services during COVID-19 will continue to be informed by recommendations from Canadian Blood Services’ advisory committees, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, WHO, provincial agencies, and international partners (including UK and Spain).

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