Improving Quality of Life for Transplant Recipients: AST’s Immunotherapy Medication Survey

The American Society of Transplantation (AST) has developed a survey to address unmet needs with immunosuppression medications for transplant recipients. The survey focuses on transplant recipients’ experiences with anti-rejection medications and aims to improve patient-reported outcomes, including health-related quality of life and side effects.

Participation in this survey will make a difference in improving the post-transplant experience for patients. By gathering valuable insights, AST aim to advocate for safer outcomes and encourage investment in therapeutics that address the overall well-being of transplant recipients.

They believe in finding solutions that minimize the challenges and side effects of long-term immunosuppression while also promoting treatment adherence and improving transplant survival rates. Your input will help them understand if there are better ways to measure the effectiveness of these treatments in clinical trials.

Visit the AST website.