New For Patients – News about Research in Transplant!

The American Journal of Transplantation, the premier international journal for transplantation research, is proud to reach out to patients with highlights of peer-reviewed articles specifically curated for transplant patients and caregivers via the AJT Digest for Patients.  This collection of specially selected articles includes breakthrough discoveries, policy questions, and actionable findings in a summary format, as well as links to full articles and podcasts for those who wish to dive in further. By highlighting advances and ongoing studies to improve transplant health and quality of life, the AJT Digest aims to be a source of information and hope.

Readers will be able to provide direct feedback (last page of Digest). You may review the AJT Digest for Patients below.

About the American Journal of Transplantation

The American Journal of Transplantation serves as a forum for debate and reassessment, an agent of change, and a major platform for promoting understanding, improving results, and advancing science in this dynamic field. Published monthly, the American Journal of Transplantation provides an essential resource for researchers and clinicians around the world.

American Journal of Transplantation is a leading journal in its field that publishes original articles, case reports, invited reviews, letters to the editor, critical reviews, news features, consensus documents and guidelines over 12 issues a year.

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