2020 CST-Astellas T3 Grant competition success: Dr. Istvan Mucsi

The CDTRP would like to congratulate Dr. Istvan Mucsi for his success at the 2020 CST-Astellas T3 Grant competition for Improving Patient Outcomes in Transplant. Dr. Mucsi faced off against finalists fellow CDTRP investigator Anne Halpin, Dr. Marcelo Cypel and Dr. Michel Lallier in a virtual Dragon’s Den on November 26th 2020 to present their innovative solutions to transplant to a panel of judges, assuring the winner an additional pot of funding to add to their already successful grant.

Dr. Mucsi’s project: “Enabling informed shared decision making about living kidney donation for members of the African, Caribeean and Black (ACB) Communities- co-developing a community based framework to improve risk discussions for potential living kidney donor candidates” emerged on top after some stiff competition.

A lay abstract of the winning project can be found below:

“African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) kidney patients are more likely than white patients to develop end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) but less likely to receive the best treatment—a living donor kidney transplant (LDKT). Longer term medica risk of live kidney donation (LKD) may be higher for people from ACB communities.

Our goal is to support potential kidney transplant recipient and donor candidates from ACB communities to fully and safely explore all treatment options, LDKT by providing culturally appropriate and safe resources and opportunities to discuss and understand the pros and cons of dialysis, kidney transplant, LDKT and LKD.

Experiences of discrimination and racism have created mistrust in healthcare systems among ACB members. Patient education systems in Ontario are not culturally tailored, leaving ACB Canadians with unaddressed concerns about medical interventions and treatment options.

We will conduct qualitative research to better understand the risk perceptions, concepts and considerations, and the decision process concerning LKD and LDKT for ACB recipient or donor candidates. We will also explore their specific information needs about LKD and LDKT.

With our partners (UHN Centre for Living Organ Donation, UHN Ajmera Transplant Centre, UHN Nephrology Division, Scarborough Hospital Nephrology Division, TAIBU Community Health Centre) we will co-develop a novel community-based and -informed, culturally safe patient education framework and tools, supported by nephrology and transplant outreach. This has never been tried in Canada.

Better understanding of LDKT will improve access to the best treatment for ESKD and will save lives and improve quality of life of ACB patients with kidney failure.”

The CDTRP is proud to support this innovative project working towards health equity goals, and looks forward to disseminating the results of this project with our community as the work proceeds. The CDTRP would also like to congratulate CDTRP investigator and trainee Anne Halpin on becoming a successful finalist in this competition.