Cross Cutting Priorities in Research

Sask. First Nations and Métis Organ Donation and Tx Think Tank: Lessons Learned

Learn about Dr. Caroline Tait's experience in being the organizer of a Saskatchewan-based First Nations and Métis Think Tank on Organ Donation and Transplantation. The think tank is made up of Elders/Knowledge Keepers, peoples with lived experience and health care professionals in Saskatchewan. Dr. Caroline Tait is a member of [...]

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Frailty and Physiologic Reserve

Join us for the fifth webinar in the research cross-cutting priority series. This is part of the research priority: Pediatric, Adolescent and Elderly. Dr. Segev will examine age as a factor in being an organ donor or recipient and discuss the definitions of physiologic reserve and how they factor in to defining [...]

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How Sex and Gender Affect Transplantation

This is the first of the CDTRP Cross-Cutting Priorities Webinar Series, which will discuss the necessary priorities in donation and transplantation research, including Sex and Gender. Enjoy a world expert, Dr. Anette Melk, from Hannover, Germany, deliver the importance of how sex and gender affect transplantation.

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