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Virtual Research Ethics: Ethical Issues Conducting Research in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Charles Weijer, CmdSc, MsC, PhD – Bioethics, Research Ethics Charles Weijer is a professor of medicine, epidemiology & biostatistics, and philosophy at Western University in London, Canada. Charles is an internationally recognized expert in research ethics. His publications on the duty of care in clinical research, the ethical analysis of study [...]

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Mixed Methods Study: Let’s talk quantitative and qualitative!

Dr. Rhiannon Reed, Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Alabama Comprehensive Transplant Institute I am an epidemiologist/outcomes researcher by training and have been working in transplant health services research at UAB under the mentorship of Dr. Jayme Locke since 2013. I completed my Doctor of Public Health in April 2019 and joined [...]

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Holidays on Ice: Precautions around COVID-19 during the holiday season

Holidays on Ice: Precautions around COVID-19 during the holiday season Enjoy this 90-minute webinar, with 5 experts discussing the holidays during COVID-19. Topics included: communication with family members about limitations during the holiday season, self-care during the winter months and fun ideas for spending the holidays at home. The speakers included Dr. Susan Abbey, [...]

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Setting urgent health research priorities for Indigenous, rural and remote populations in Canada

Dr. Karen Yeates speaks of setting urgent health research priorities for Indigenous, rural and remote populations in Canada and the balance between the perspectives and needs of communities with those of health researchers. Introductions: Vikas Sridhar, CDTRP Trainee Karen Yeates, MD, MPH is a Professor of Medicine at Queen’s University [...]

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Sask. First Nations and Métis Organ Donation and Tx Think Tank: Lessons Learned

Learn about Dr. Caroline Tait's experience in being the organizer of a Saskatchewan-based First Nations and Métis Think Tank on Organ Donation and Transplantation. The think tank is made up of Elders/Knowledge Keepers, peoples with lived experience and health care professionals in Saskatchewan. Dr. Caroline Tait is a member of [...]

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Frailty and Physiologic Reserve

Join us for the fifth webinar in the research cross-cutting priority series. This is part of the research priority: Pediatric, Adolescent and Elderly. Dr. Segev will examine age as a factor in being an organ donor or recipient and discuss the definitions of physiologic reserve and how they factor in to defining [...]

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Sex and Gender in Transplant Research

The importance of sex and gender in research is paramount in transplantation and donation. Why? Enjoy this webinar explaining the importance of thorough research by including sex and gender. - Dr. Bethany J. Foster

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How Sex and Gender Affect Transplantation

This is the first of the CDTRP Cross-Cutting Priorities Webinar Series, which will discuss the necessary priorities in donation and transplantation research, including Sex and Gender. Enjoy a world expert, Dr. Anette Melk, from Hannover, Germany, deliver the importance of how sex and gender affect transplantation.

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